Over 50 and Completely Visible.

I’m a Holocaust scholar.  “Never forget” is a mantra that is repeated often in relation to this horrific historic event.  There are other things we must not forget.  The women who came before us and forged a new way for us to be able to live is something that we need to recognize regularly and honor.  Take a look.  Being over 50 no longer means being invisible.



Sex gets better for us

Here is an interesting article, and one in which I don’t believe many of us will be surprised.  The fact that orgasm is not immediate when we are young and inexperienced comes as no shock to me.  Read, and see what you think.


The good news about weight is…

Losing just a little goes a long way.  Read and heed.


I have a theory – there are three (maybe 4) things that gives one’s age away.  First, your hairstyle.  I don’t care what color it is (unless you’ve opted for the dingy salt and pepper or washed out brown/blonde) – it is the style that gives you away.  If you’ve timewarped with a hairstyle (2 years or longer), get some help with a new stylist and some suggestions.

Second, your waistline.  That comes in on this blog with the above link.  Start a food diary, and get ready for a shock.  I did, and man oh man – it was a shock.

Third – the color of your teeth.  You don’t have to go for the extremely white of stars, but there is much out there to improve your smile – which is often anyone’s best feature.

Last – your shoes.  Clean ones that are comfortable work, but don’t wear dirty sneakers.  Avoid the sneakers entirely unless you have foot issues.  Then wear them clean. 

Age is a great thing as long as you do it well!


The Truth About Bottled Water

Head to any grocery store and you’re guaranteed to find an aisle full of bottled water. Some people claim it tastes better than tap water, while others buy it for the convenience of staying hydrated on the go. Whatever the reason, the truth is bottled water may come from several sources — it can originate from a public water source or naturally from the earth. Fortunately, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict labeling rules for bottled water, but it’s up to you to learn the differences among various terms and what they mean.

3 Types of Bottled Water

  • Purified water is essentially tap water that has been purified through a distillation, deionization, or reverse-osmosis process. Purified water may also be referred to as demineralized water.
  • Spring water is water that flows naturally from the earth and is collected directly from its natural source.
  • Mineral water is spring water that contains dissolved minerals and other trace elements (at least 250 parts per million) that come directly from the source.


Bottle Versus Tap

In general, safety standards for bottled water and tap water are the same with a few exceptions. For example, because tap water may become contaminated with lead as it travels through pipes, the government limits the amount of lead in tap water to 15 parts per billion, whereas the limit is set below 5 parts per billion for bottled water. Another major difference is that tap water is often fluoridated, but most bottled waters do not contain fluoride or chlorine.

The Bottom Line

Water is essential no matter how you drink it. Most people can safely (and inexpensively!) drink water straight from the tap. If you want to improve the taste of tap water, you can purchase a water-filtration pitcher, which reduces the amount of fluoride and chlorine in the tap water. And if you’re looking for a convenient way to stay hydrated and protect the earth, give up the disposable plastic containers and treat yourself to a reusable water bottle made of polycarbonate or aluminum, which are both environmentally friendly.


Mammography Choices

I admit that I have not done my homework on the two differing types of mammographies, nor do I have dense breasts.  What I do believe in – very strongly – is taking control of your health AND your healthcare.  If you think you might fall into the category of dense tissue, please educate yourself and make the smartest choices.

An interesting article: 


Mags for us ~

I have ditched buying the magazines for 20 somethings with their skinny models and absurd makeup (for me).  I try to remember that there are magazines for women our age.  More* is a good one, but often it appears that their editorial content reinforces their advertisers.  Still, that might work as things like tinted moisturizer could be a good thing and purchasing it from a drugstore as opposed to a high end department store could save big bucks.  http://www.more.com/2020/4404-foundations-for-over-40-skin#1.  Take a look on occasion and see if you can find articles that fit your needs. 

I am getting to the point (at 54) that I would love to pare down my makeup routine.  Unfortunately, my eyebrows have begun to disappear and I need that pencil badly.  But I do find that I have become much more comfortable sans makeup on the weekends and at night.