Women Over 50: A Psychological Perspective

Women over 50: Psychological Perspectives

“Finally a book about women at midlife that is scientifically grounded, broad in its choice of topics, and a pleasure to read! Women over 50: Psychological Perspectives, a book edited by Varda Muhlbauer and Joan Chrisler, addresses a range of issues a” from friendship to health to worka “encountered by women who are in their middle years in industrialized societies. A key contribution of this edited book is that mid-life issues are examined in historical and social context. An exciting aspect of this book is that it translates scientific information into practical recommendations. I highly recommend it for both graduate students and professionals. Researchers, teachers and clinicians interested in midlife will find it a useful resource.”


Look in the Mirror as a Loving Friend

This is a lovely article about changing how we see ourselves.  I learned many years ago that the very first time I see a photo of myself, I instantly hate it.  I see every flaw, every extra pound, every flat hair, everything that I dislike about how I look.  If I let it sit for a couple of weeks, I can look at it again, and start to see some attractive attributes about myself.  I don’t know what that means and I imagine ten years of therapy would teach me what it is I dislike about my appearance at that first glance.  I’d rather save the money, and wait a couple of weeks to look again.

I read this article with relief.  If I think carefully about what people who love me say about my appearance, I accept it.  For most of my life, I’ve felt that what I hear (compliments, etc.) are the same things everyone hears, and my loved ones simply say it to to make me feel good.  But the writer discusses that first time in a friendship when you see the face behind the face.  I love that statement.  The face behind the face belongs to the person you love and respect.  I can remember when someone I initially thought was handsome or quite beautiful, and that changed because of my understanding of who they were.  Not a pretty sight.  It happens the other way too. 

Do you recall the line in Linda Ronstadt’s “Someone to Watch Over Me” – Although he may not be the man
Some girls think of as handsome
To my heart he carries the key

I love that line.  And I will endeavor – for today – to remember that the people who love me see so much more in my appearance than I will ever notice.  For today, I will try to look in the mirror as a loving friend. 


An Excellent List of Blogs – to get You thru the Recession

I came across this accidentally.  If you’re out of a job for any number of reasons, you may find some help here.  There are 100 blogs with information for different industries, places in life (newly graduated as opposed to newly laid off), and more.  If you are in need, please take time to go through these.  You will find it time well spent.


Educate the Johns?

Women won’t stop selling sex until men stop buying it.   At least, that is the focus of this different approach to the oldest profession in the world.  So this community is taking the men on – for education, embarrassment, and information, hoping to grow them into responsible (often married) men who don’t solicate prostitutes.  I would really be fascinated to know how this works out.


Build those quadriceps!

I always knew that if I took care of my legs, they would take care of me.  Here’s the proof.  Want to avoid arthritic knees and the pain that comes with them?  Work on your thighs.  Lunges, weight machines, walking with weights – keep those thighs humming and burning, and you will add to your health as you glow older.


Love of tans fading?

With all the recent news about tanning beds and the danger, it would make sense that tans will become a thing of the past.  Or does it?  I think that those of us in living generations (18+ forward) will always want some kind of sun kissed glow.  I have been using a self tanner on my legs for most of the summer, and this particular one builds tan as you apply it daily.  That way, if I get to the point that I don’t want to become browner, I stop for a few days.  Here is an article espousing the self tanners.  Let me know if you have found a particular brand that works for you.  I’ve been using Jergens.


Smart Snacking

I am doing battle with that proverbial 10 lbs that wants to hang around.  Okay, its probably closer to 13, maybe even 15.  I will find out when I get closer to losing the first 10.  In that process, I am following the “never get hungry” diet, but I have found that even with grazing and eating 5-6 times a day, I feel hungry.  I think it is the protein that I need, so I will be trying the pita/celery and hummus.  Here are a few more ideas if you’re trying to snack smart.  Also, for any of you who haven’t tried writing down what you eat during the day (or don’t believe it will work), I’m here to tell you that the writing gods are working well.