Preparing for a Cruise

Have you ever prepared for a trip to a destination that was not experiencing the same weather as your world?  I’m headed to a northern European port (for a 25th Wedding Anniversary Cruise), that will not be hot.  Wow!  Preparing has been so difficult!  I know, I know, I can hear those tiny violins in the background feeling sorry for me.  But I have this thing – this lack of memory of what it was like to be hot when the weather is cold.  Or what it was like to be cold when the weather outside is in the 90’s and extremely humid.  This is Greenville, SC, after all, and the humidity can raise the heat levels massively.  I know, I know…

So how do you do it?  How do you try to figure out what clothes to take when you are currently sweating and know that the weather will be around 60 degrees F most of the time?  At least during the day.  I’ve been advised layers.  Layers to layer on and remove.  But nights – cold?  Fearfully so, or just delightfully so?  I don’t think I will do this again – plan a vacation that is removed from me from the weather standpoint.  I have this great imagination that allows me all sorts of horrible thoughts (yeah, I often imagine the worst), yet it is not helpful when it comes to imagining weather.

Tell me what you have done, with this type of planning.  Tshirts and sweaters?  Tights and jackets?  Pantyhose (Gag…)?  What do I do?  Answer quickly – I leave in 4 Days!