Recycling Attitude Change

Each year for the past – ohhhh, too many years – I decided that I would do better in the recycling process. Actually, I decided that I would attempt recycling.  I thought I needed a nice new recycling center.  Go figure.  That never happened.   What I learned is that “do better” does not work.  Plans are in order, understanding, awareness.  All that usual crap that is part of learning anything.  So ( you knew that word was coming) this summer, I have improved.  Cleaning out everything has been at the top of my list of life changes – I think I’m moving but don’t know it yet.  In the process, I have been recycling almost everything that was in closets, under counters, in the basement – give it away, use it, or donate to recycle bins.

First, I put an attractive basket in my kitchen for newspapers.  I (we) filled it up with newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and I made an initial trek to the recycling bins that aren’t too far from my house.  There, I began to notice what other people were recycling.  I kept up with recycling the newspapers for about a month.  So far, so good.

One Friday morning, I noticed that one of our garbage cans had not been emptied by our waste management.  Hmmm.  I called to find out the problem.  No one seemed to know (No, I didn’t have grass clippings in the can).  But, by the way, they had recycling bins that could leave next time.  Hmmm.  Along with the bins came a sheet of paper that mentioned which items they recycled –  plastic, glass, cans – and I didn’t even have to sort them. This is easy.   Okay, I can wash out plastic that has a neck.  We have a lot of gatorade bottles.  The other kind (I guess a bucket?) has kinds of chemicals which our waste management doesn’t recycle.  Check with yours – could be different.  I can add cans and bottles to that group.  I can do this.

Now, I’m even using different language.  That goes in recycling. Here, let me wash that out – it can be recycled.   It hasn’t been difficult at all.  Just mind-changing.  Attitude, awareness – all that stuff I discussed earlier.  And as a DIY enthusiast (watching the television show, not actually doing it), I am beginning to notice all the recycled materials they are using. Hey – some of my stuff could end up there.

I know I am behind in this department.  At least, I feel like I am.  Sometimes we need encouragement by the people around us, and sometimes we need to be the ones to push the envelope.  Wait – you can recycle that envelope.  And that mail you didn’t want (that has no personal info on it – or shred it first before you recycle it), and those catalogs and magazines you are finished with.  I’m surprised.  This really isn’t that hard, and I’m remembering to do it.  I have a feeling that at some point, my grandchildren (or greats) will be shocked that we threw things away.  There’s a political platform for the future.

Now if I could only remember to take my reusable bags back to the grocery store.


Amazing and Inspirational Flash Dance on youtube.

The idea of the Flash Dance is hip and amazing to watch.  When I see it, I feel like I’ve been included in something incredibly special – almost spiritual.  In this case, definitely spiritual.  As you will see, the choreographer wraps the entire production around the love and memory of a lost friend, allowing the dance to take on an even more special meaning.

Please help to get this Flash Dance viewed by more than 1 million by clicking.  You will enjoy your brief time watching.

Betcha can’t watch it only once.

The Android Learning Curve

So you think you want to take the leap into the next generation phone.  Yeah, okay.  Let me tell you the ups and downs and ins and outs that I’ve experienced.  You probably won’t learn from me.  We don’t do that as humans, do we?  We have to leap in and figure it out for ourselves.  Or try.  Or throw our hands in the air, screaming and cursing, and wondering wildly if we still have a grace period to return it for that mere $35 or so.  If you are determined to take the leap – and I was – then prepare.  Oh, honey, prepare.

I had a blackberry.  I was fine with it.  Did all the things I needed a phone to do.  I could get my email, send text messages, take and return phone calls.  Then our company changed vendors.  I received another blackberry, and all of a sudden, it was a blackberry dud.  Couldn’t get facebook, forget twitter (which I wasn’t doing anyway), emails might show up.  Answering it was an effort in frustration.  Could have been the new company (I found out when I changed my service that it was a reseller of a reseller.  Go figure.).  Could have been the phone itself.  But I hit a brick wall with frustration over the dang phone.

After struggling for several months, and feeling that I had been left way behind in the growth of technology, forgotten and left adrift,   I made the leap to the Android – and paying for my own service, which was a huge deal to me.  I have never paid for my own phone service (gulp – am I growing up?)

Then came the learning curve.  Damn.  Send an email.  Type (or is it called something else?), look for a send button, look up to see that two out of ten words are spelled correctly, remember to type a little higher on the “C” button or I’ll get the “space” button, backspace and correct.  Backspace and correct again.  Find the send button again.  Then try an email.  Or go to the camera. How do I change it from video to camera?  Then forward the pictures to an email address.  Apps?  Really?  What are the free ones?  Can I change them?  How do I get them on the home screen – or the other three home screens?  Once I download them, and slow the phone to a crawl, how do I get them off of the phone?

Okay, I’m purty smart.  I can go to Verizon‘s website (or AT&T, or Whomever) and find tutorials that will allow me to learn this an easier way.  And I’m learning.  I’m even beginning to like it.  Two weeks after I got it, I was going to return it.  Except I was on a cruise in the Baltic.  Not that near my store.  I think this ended up being a good thing.  My husband tells me I’m addicted.  I’m just trying to figure the thing out.  This is not a phone.  Its a computer which allows you to make phone calls.  I’m reading books on it – which has increased my book costs.  But I’m getting there slowly.  I’m even beginning to understand why people look at their phones all the time.  But I’m not addicted.

Any horror stories among the other vibrant women about learning curves?  Tell me the hardest part for you.  Be brave.

Social Media to fund Education!

How delighted I was to read in this morning’s issue of the Greenville News that you can now earn a major scholarship by tweeting! The story was adapted from USA Today, but in essence, the “at the university of Iowa, a good tweet is worth $37,000.00″.  Really.  The article goes on to mention several other schools and scholarship organizations which offer higher education opportunities to good tweeters.

I can feel the ire of the old guard writers who are itching to pound their keyboards in outright frustration over this.  No, I don’t think it means that they will not be taught to write.  Or no more so than any other student who attends the same college (whichever one that it is).  In the case of Iowa, they offer this in place of a second essay.  So writing is on the table, but in this not so new age of social media, this makes sense.

Anything that promotes higher education makes sense to me.  And higher education is for any of us who want it at anytime that we want it.  At Vibrant Nation, I have seen several posts of women seeking to earn a degree past the one they once earned.  Or for personal satisfaction.  Or to make that midlife leap into something new, something they always wanted to do.  Or be.

If you are one of those women teetering on the edge of whether you want to make this leap, and you need funding, explore these ideas at your local colleges.  Practice your tweeting skills.  Write a blog.  You never know what will take you into that realm of dreams that will allow you to accomplish yours.

Tweeting for a scholarship.  Go figure.