Is news always bad news? And does it exist to help companies make money?

I recall a few months (years?) back, ABC announced they were going to begin doing a nightly series on the good that people were doing.  This was so refreshing.  I was so ready to hear that there were some good things going on in the world that I found myself looking forward to seeing this.  I can’t tell you now if they are continuing to do this or not.  I can’t bear watching the news.

A couple of nights ago, one of the stations covered the story about major drugs being in short supply.  Someone mentioned 250+ drugs.  No specific drug was mentioned.  The reporter stated that it was possibly a particular heart drug or a drug for cancer related therapy.  She simply said major drugs were in short supply and that people would likely die because of this shortage.  She went on to say it was the government’s responsibility to make sure that these pharmaceutical companies manufactured the drugs, and if that meant they needed to be encouraged NOT to make generics, then so be it.  What?  This sounded like a lobbying effort on the part of the news station.  How can we help the pharmaceutical companies make more money.  What?

I can’t bear the news anymore.  Perhaps that will change someday.  I’m not the only person in my house, and the other person who lives here likes to watch.  The words which the newscasters use smack of “disaster” and “chaos” and “worst case scenarios”.  I don’t want to hear that everyday.  I can’t in fact stand to hear it everyday.  The entire dramatic presentation of the newscasters has reached such a level that I feel as if I’m watching a completely choreographed show, which I suppose I am.

Is there any possibility of returning to a less dramatic and more balanced approach to the news?  Do any of you have any suggestions?