An International Christmas

What an amazing event.  Our Christmas Eve was spectacular.  Two from Italy, one from Kenya, and one from Turkey. The sharing was extraordinary.  Learning new words, attempting to converse in English, new baby, singing three-year-old – simply extraordinary.  We need never to try to outdo what happened here.  But perhaps we can – with more diversity and fun.  I encourage each of you to reach out for new friends from different cultures.  You can learn so much, and the love is the same from country to country.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and everything else imagined!


One thought on “An International Christmas

  1. Once traveling in Sri Lanka, I found dinner included a bald granddaddy (like the one back home) at one end of a huge table and an overseeing grandmother (like the one back home) at the other end of the table. The next generation lined both sides of the table with the third and fourth generations seated at smaller tables around the room. The youngsters ran in and out, just like back home. Lucy said the love is all the same. There you go. The family in Sri Lanka were all Buddhists; and I remember thinking, “The God of Jesus ain’t gonna send these folks to hell. No way. This family looks just like my family.” It was so; and it is still so.

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