Weekend trips

We headed out from opposite ports to meet in the middle, my sister and I.  Or is it me and my sister?  The middle spot was her youngest son’s new home with his new bride.  I got to meet Dingo as well.  Nipping at my pants, he let me know I was not someone who had visited his house before.  We had a great lunch downtown Winston-Salem, chatted, shared lives and stories, and headed back to the homestead.

From their, me and sis jumped in her blue Honda van, and headed north to Christiansburg to visit our youngest sister and her brood.  They were busy and involved in their lives – with their 3 cats and 1 dog.  We shared stories about children, teaching, spelling (I think I lost), and the snow came down.  Yeah – the first snow of the year happened while we were there – great lovely soft flakes in the beginning.  Floating down easily (but blowing in from the east which was apparently an oddity).

After being there for several hours, we headed back to the hotel to watch the snowplows materialize much as the snow had, and move silently up and down the roads.  We chatted more, watched some Downton Alley, and wondered what the morning would bring in regards to the weather.  I awoke during the night with ideas swirling, and when I glanced outside, I could see that the snow had stopped and the parking lot had been cleared.

We rose, grazed for breakfast, and got ourselves ready to move back in the direction of home.  The visit feels rather surreal.  Perhaps it was the speed of the visit, the 6″ of snow, and the ride beside the Shenandoah Valley.  Regardless, this moments in time when one is allowed the opportunity to peek into the lives of those we love are pearls in our daily lives.


Surprise Birthday Parties

It can be done.  It will be done.  It was done.  I pulled it off.  Nobody is more amazed than I am.  A month ago, I was sitting in The Red Bowl having lunch.  I glanced over at the room that was to the right of the bar, and saw a perfect size for a birthday celebration.  I spoke to the manager, Jennifer.  No cost, just let them know you want the room.  I want the room.  February 10 – a surprise for my spouse who would be 65 years old.  I think it’s a pretty important birthday.

So I sent out E-vites.  What a great way to invite people.  Except for those who don’t know what E-vites are.  Still, it worked.  All contact was via the internet (I’m finding this contact to be colder and less human as I grow with it, but it works for this kind of interaction).

I listened to my husband speak to about 6 or 7 of these people during the day.  As the time moved on, I felt the stress more and more.  Have you ever felt like a helium balloon that was going to burst at any moment?  That was the sensation.

When we finally walked into the restaurant, and the door opened to the special room, I felt in inner implosion that was not unpleasant.  Relaxation at its best.  I told this group of people who I now knew I could tell them I had committed some horrible crime, and they would all keep it a secret.  I don’t plan to test that theory.  But what a great way to tell my spouse happy birthday.  I had a great time, and I hope they all did as well.

Happy Birthday, Jeff.


Bumper Stickers or Not?

Today, I drove up behind a car that had all those oval stickers on the back.  NV.  HH.  OBX.  CW.  FS.  NY.  XX. LB.  Okay, I made those last few up, but I was sitting there looking at them – wondering what the heck did most of them mean.

Did the driver really visit all those places? Or, is it a case of Flat Stanley?  Does it count if your friends send you the oval stickers and you put them on your car?  Okay, enough questions.  

I’ll do my own analysis since this is my blog.  I think this person/family loves to go places.  I wonder if they actually see where they go or if they just arrive there to get the sticker.  Never having been much of a bumper sticker person, I will ask you.  Yes or no on these public displays of travel?  Should I have gotten one in Gdansk?  How about Rome?  Breckenridge?  Stockholm?  If I don’t show you that I’ve been there, have I really been there? Wait – I wasn’t going to ask anymore questions.  Yet, I live to question.  

What do you think? (Last question.)


Is anyone worried about the weather?

This may be a rant.  Or it may not.  But the weather worries me a lot.  I see angry clouds that show up in a remarkably quick amount of time.  I see them leave.  We have springlike weather one day, and the dreds of winter another. 

I think the earth is angry.  I think she’s fed up with our gas and our trash and our debris.  I think she’s going to strike back. In fact, I think she is already fighting back.  The storms, floods, ice melting.  I am stunned when people say there is no Global Climate change.  For whatever reason you want to propose, the climate has changed.  Those who don’t want to believe it has anything to do with our gas-guzzling economy, fine.  Don’t believe that.  But the climate has changed. 

I’m at a loss as to what we do about it.  I have improved my recycling.  Late, but I’ve improved.  I have eliminated catalogs that come to my house.  For the most part.  Our company has very little trash because of one woman who has pushed the recycling.  I was shocked to find that our major mall in Greenville SC – Haywood Mall – does not recycle the cardboard.  I asked.  “We have trash bins.”  Really.

Wake up.  This goes to me as well.  Wake up.  Watch the clouds.  See the earth fight back.  I know the next generations are going to be the ones to have to fix this.  But I’m doing everything I know how to do now.  I will keep learning.  I encourage you to do so as well.