Friendships as we get Older

I used to hear this from people and I would think, “How odd.”  But it is true.  Finding friends and keeping friends becomes somewhat more difficult as we get older.  I believe there are many reasons for this.  As our family’s grow, we often find that more time is spent with them (children, grandchildren, parents needing care).  Sometimes people’s priorities change which put you more out of touch with those same people.  Friends move.  Friends move on.  Yet, it is this stage in life when I want more friends.  I want more people-involvement in my life.  So I’m determined to find just that.

Last night we attended a “meet-up” event in downtown Greenville.  We went to Rey’s, a bar we had never been to before.  We didn’t even know it existed.  We met some interesting and very nice people.  Hopefully, this will become people we will see again.  I am seeking other such opportunities.  

Keeping social and keeping people in your life is an important component of health.  If you’ve found difficulties in finding friends, but have overcome that, please share how you’ve done it.  I believe we can all learn from each other and continue increasing our social connections and awareness, regardless of our age.


Stirring the Universe

I believe that energy released from people stirs the universe to action.  In the past two months, I have centered my thoughts first around my youngest son to create energy that would work in his favor to get a job.  The energy did not go north to Charlotte, but south to Atlanta, where my oldest son got a job.  So I said a great thank you to the universe and started again with positive thoughts towards Charlotte.  That son became employed the next week.  I then focused my energies on my youngest son’s girlfriend.  She had her third interview with one company yesterday.

Now I need the focus on me.  I need to teach.  I am in the last throes of getting my thesis done (only oral defense to go) on 8/22.  Problem with this is that most community colleges will have filled their rosters by that point.  There is a very slight possibility of a Saturday class, but at last count, it only had 3 students signed up.  Not looking real positive there because enrollment is down at Greenville Technical College.

So this is what I need from the Universe.  I need a teaching position that allows me to be in the classroom and help students.  I badly need this.  So if you are reading this, I would ask this:  Please take 30 seconds to send positive energy to the universe surrounding my head (you can imagine it anyway you would like) to bring a teaching job to me.  That’s it.  Try it for yourself.  Although I’m beginning to wonder if it works as good for you to create the energy on your own behalf.  If you have something you need positive energy about, please comment below and I promise to offer that energy for you.

This is an amazing thing.  I also know that by writing this (and hopefully having someone read it) I am creating energy.  You may call it prayer.  You may not call it anything, but I have experienced the value and how it works.  Thank you for your thoughts.  Let’s get the universe moving today.