60 Years? For real?

Today is my 60th Birthday.  This is completely amazing.  For those of you who have passed this milestone (or is it simply a stone), you may understand what I mean.  My father left this world at 46.  I’ve been here 14 more years than he lived.  My mother is 85.  Perhaps that is close to where I’ll get.  Perhaps not.  Mostly, I’m rather stunned to look around myself and realize I’ve lived this long.  I teach history, so I do understand just what an accomplishment that would have been 200 years ago.  We keep living longer.  I’m not completely sure that is a good thing.  I believe there is a next level – perhaps more than one.

I’m extremely fortunate.  I have a warm home, a loving spouse, three healthy sons, three healthy and beautiful grandchildren, a wonderful daughter in law and a wonderful ex-daughter in law. I can read.  I have food and clothing.  I live in America where I can voice my opinion, vote, and be active in almost anything in which I want to.  I drive, teach, and have enough money.  What incredible fortune.

What do I want the rest of my life to be composed of?  I do believe in establishing maps and goals.  I want to be purposeful in what I accomplish.  So I’m thinking about the next phase.  How long will I have to be healthy enough to do most of what I want physically?  I cannot take it for granted that I will have every physical opportunity for another 20 years.  Perhaps fifteen, so it is important to be purposeful.  I’m curious about what others have chosen.  This does feel like a momentous day to make decisions – or to begin to make them.

Please share any thoughts about your own lives and what you are doing.  I think its going to be an introspective birthday.