Planning my trip to Madrid, Saria, and Santiago.

Planning my trip to Madrid, Saria, and Santiago..


Planning my trip to Madrid, Saria, and Santiago.

I’m preparing for a trip to Spain.  There, I will first go to Madrid, and then take a train to Saria.  I have no idea where any of this is.  I can look at a map.  I can ask my son, who did the same trip last year.  But he did it with two friends.  I’m going alone.  Why am I don’g this?  I simply don’t know.  I leave in eight days.  This is what I’ve determined.  I will find out when I get there.  Once I get to Madrid – exhausted – I then take a 5 hour train to Saria.  My son has assured me that it is a very comfortable train.  I’m sure I’ll sleep.  But I want to see the countryside.  When my eyes flutter open, I’ll see it. Then, arriving in Saria, I will get a hotel room.  There, I imagine I’ll sleep through the night.  The time change generally hits me rather hard.  That is unless I simply can’t stand it, and have to get up and see what’s there.  I’ll have to wait to find out.

I’ve done some shopping.  I ordered a rain jacket (as I write, Santiago – the ending town – is 47 degrees and raining).  I purchased a pair of pants with zippered-off legs.  There must be a better term.  I’ve purchased 2 wicking shirts.  I plan to sweat.  I  have an amazing pair of boots, with liner socks (toes are part of these) and wool socks.  I have a bag, a first aid kit, a collapsible water bottle, and a few other things I can’t recall right now.

This is a spiritual walk – the walk of St. James.  I will walk approximately 13 miles a day – 5-6 hours of walking.  Thousands take this walk annually.  There are other paths, but the is the shortest one.  I’m okay with that.  If I simply can’t make it one day, I can rent a bike.  I can also have my luggage ferried to the next hotel each day (so don’t imagine I’m wearing the camper’s backpack).  Instead of a hostel, I will stay in a hotel.  Hostels are cheap, but they’re also crowded and they require that the crowded dorm-like group use one bath room.  That isn’t me.  I need my room, my own bathroom and shower.  I’m a but of a wuss.  But I’ll be walking for 6 days, so take care when you agree with me.

Why am I doing this?  It is a question that popped into my head yesterday.  I’ve been busy preparing for the end of the semester (I teach at a community college) and looking at the internet, buying tickets, picking out hotels, and thinking about the process.  Once I get to the airport, I may have a meltdown.  Once I’m in the air on the way to Spain, it is too late.  Meltdown or not, I’m on my way.  I’m interested to discover the reason I’m going on this trip.  My intuition tells me that I will find the reason one day while I’m walking along, gazing at the view.  Then I’ll know.  I hope I can keep it with me.  I have a feeling this is going to be an important trip.