TripAdvisor and Uber

Do you use TripAdvisor when you’re seeking reviews on vacations, restaurants, activities, or more?  Each time I travel, I review as many places as I can which I visited.  I review them honestly because I’d like to think that, if I read reviews, I can get some honest feedback.  I have reviewed restaurants and hotels in Spain, near the Grand Canyon (restaurants there aren’t great), New York, Cary NC, Greenville SC, New York, and Atlanta.

I’d love to know if you use this service, and if so, have you found it satisfactory?  If you don’t, is there another reviewing website that you use?  The only “thing” I’ve received for doing this is luggage tags, which are rather cool.  I suppose I like knowing that others are reading my reviews and using them to decide where they eat or stay.  I have gotten a few requests from travelers who wanted to know specifics (do they serve breakfast or brunch? – that kind of thing.)

Uber is another review idea.  I’ve taken Uber a few times, although not since the murder by a driver (that has had nothing to do with why I didn’t take Uber – I’ve simply had no need).  I have found the service very nice, and it’s great not to have to have money to share.  If you haven’t taken Uber, you sign up first, and all transactions are done via the credit or debit card you use when you sign up.  Also, the drivers are quite interactive and greatly willing to share why they are doing this. Some drivers in California are making a great income.  Smaller areas, not so much, but the driver we used in Greenville lost his job and is using the service to provide another income.

What are your thoughts about both of these services?  Do you promote or not?