Smart Snacking

I am doing battle with that proverbial 10 lbs that wants to hang around.  Okay, its probably closer to 13, maybe even 15.  I will find out when I get closer to losing the first 10.  In that process, I am following the “never get hungry” diet, but I have found that even with grazing and eating 5-6 times a day, I feel hungry.  I think it is the protein that I need, so I will be trying the pita/celery and hummus.  Here are a few more ideas if you’re trying to snack smart.  Also, for any of you who haven’t tried writing down what you eat during the day (or don’t believe it will work), I’m here to tell you that the writing gods are working well.


Death to Fast Food – French Fries are the Devil’s Work!

You are traveling and can’t run into the grocery to buy healthy, so you must eat on the road.  There are better alternatives than allowing yourself that yearly 8,000 calorie (an exaggeration) Micky D Burger.  So you have to think about it a moment to deny yourself that diet buster (not diet as in “a diet” – but diet as in everyday eating well).  Here are some better choices: healthy fast food