Gratitude Journal

I’ve read more about the power of positive psychology.  When I first saw this, it seemed so old style.  Hadn’t we heard about this years and years ago?  Does it really work?  What I discovered was the ongoing new and updated research on how this works.  It is a bit more involved than when I first saw it more than two decades ago.  This has to do with habit.  Creating a positive journal that one must keep up with for 21 days.    With specific habits.

According to Shawn Anchor of TedX fame, he posits the following:

Small Changes Ripple Outward and the Power to Creating Lasting Positive Change

  • 3 Gratitudes written daily
  • Journaling
  • Exercise (8 mins a day)
  • Meditation (2 mins a day)
  • Random acts of kindness

This sounds like a plan.  This is a plan I am adapting  There have been several bloggers which I have followed this year who have focused on removing negativity from their lives.  I am inspired and will find that my focus on the positive will be my 2013 change.  I commit to beginning this year with this daily journaling exercise.  I’m excited and feel that this is a door which I can use.  Come join me.  Let’s make 2013 the year we found the positive influences in our lives.


Gratitude List

Many years ago during a tough emotional time and depression, a friend suggested that I do a gratitude list.  At that moment, it seemed such a trivial thing and frankly, a lousy answer to my problem.  After a few days, I decided to give it a try.  I found out that it wasn’t so trivial, and the suggestion helped.  Actually, it did more than help.  I caused me to change my perspective, and assisted in leading me out of a difficult depression.  I think its time again.

1)  I am grateful for a spouse who supports me and is there for me.

2) I am grateful for 2 incredible sons whose lives are going quite well, and who are working on making positive and rewarding decisions in their lives.

3) I have a three wonderful friends who I can call on at anytime, and an incredible sister who offers the same.

4) I have plenty of food each day, a warm house, and a job.

5) My immediate family is healthy, as well as my family of origin.

6) My mom is still living and her mind is strong.

7) I can drive a car anywhere I want to provided I have enough time.

8) I have plenty of money, and with better management, it supports me well.

9) I can read.  And write.  And create.

10) I live in a country that allows me to vote, to disagree with the government without censor (or worse), provides roads and schools and electricity and water for my use and consumption.

I could go on and on.  And on.  When the tough times come, my tendency is to focus too much on the tough things.  Just to pause and to remember that the good outweighs the bad so greatly is an needed adjustment in my perspective and attitude.