Compassion Fatigue

Here’s a new one for me.  Compassion fatigue.  I didn’t think up the label, but when I read the blog entry, I immediately understood.  How do we deal with compassion fatigue?  For healthcare workers, it likely is an issue for their own health.  For mothers and caregivers, same.  For caring women who do too much for everyone else but themselves, absolutely. 

My problem is that I tend to get angry when I’ve given and given, and little is given in return.  I’m not talking about taking care of sick people who don’t jump up immediately and take care of you.  I of course do not expect nor want that.  However, if down the road, I need some help because someone at my house is ill, I do expect that.  And if I reach out to you in depression, I do expect some modicum of response on your good days.  I am not Mother Theresa.  I don’t wish to be.  I’m not that good of a person.  But I am a mother and close friend of many, and will be the first to show up for my friends who need help. 

I want to improve here.  I want to give, and not expect anything back.  I want to offer everything as a grant and not a loan.  But neither do I want to be a rug.  It is such a fine balance for me.  I am attempting to begin a daily meditating exercise in support of my own center.  I’ll be glad to report later on how that is working. 

If any of you have suggestions for how you do it, I’d love to hear it.


Ongoing Healthcare Facts

With all the absurd words flying out there, I keep trying to find real information on what is in the proposal, what may be in the proposal, and what is simply bullshit.  This seems quite reputable – again hailing originally from AARP.

Build those quadriceps!

I always knew that if I took care of my legs, they would take care of me.  Here’s the proof.  Want to avoid arthritic knees and the pain that comes with them?  Work on your thighs.  Lunges, weight machines, walking with weights – keep those thighs humming and burning, and you will add to your health as you glow older.

Health Care Reform

Normally I prefer to stay positive in this blog.  There are clearly enough writers out there who want to scare the hell out of you regarding health, life, finances, age, etc. ad nauseum.  I believe that we all do need to be aware of the risks but why focus on them?  Know what you need to do to be healthy and secure, and head in that direction.  That said, I’m quite weary of the fear-mongerers (what a word) trying to frighten us into believing their version of reform.  Our system is broken.  Let me say that again – our system is broken.  Even if you despise Michael Moore, you may want to see Sicko (the movie) just to inform yourself of what other countries offer.  It is staggering.  Also, attached is a column that was in the Greenville SC newspaper today – an AARP official’s explanation of health care reform.  Feel free to forward it to your fear-mongering friends.–Shining-light-on-the-myths-of-health-care-reform