Biological Clock Info that has nothing to do with having babies

I was reading about Circadian Rhythms in my Writer’s Digest magazine.  I have long said – with a touch of humor – that my best time is 10 – 3.  Once I read the article, I sat down to write about it (in my personal blog) and discovered that I’m right.  Which gives me no thrill.  I want to choose my rhythms in accordance with what would work best for general society.  But my rhythms don’t really care about general society, only about working efficiently.  So, in researching more, I came across this very interesting article about CR’s.  I am quite choosey concerning webpages, and usually choose .edu or .org ones, but I think this one has validity.  What are your best hours during the day?  When are you most creative, most alive to your surroundings, and happiest?  Read and consider.


Controlling your moods

Recently, my oldest son went through a deep depression.  He’s not completely through the dark days, but they have gotten lighter recently.  I have been seeking articles to send to him that will help him on his path to wellness.  This one is particularly strong.  If you have any kinds of mood swings, you may want to print this out.  Excellent, excellent advice.  If I was as strong a writer as she is, I could have written this.

Creating moments

I read an article in the UUWorld magazine yesterday (which I am unable to access on the net) about creating moments.  The article was written by Mary Pipher (Reviving Ophelia) about how to be present in our own lives.  Pipher expressed that we all have the opportunity to have those moments – which are often bound up with our children, our pets, and nature.  She discussed having happiness contests with a close friend, in which they challenge each other to find happiness moments during their day.  Cooking a delicious soup, planting and truly feeling the dirt, watching the snow fall with a crackling fire beside you.  I have thought much about this since reading the article.

This morning, while walking and doing a minimal amount of running at Furman University (gorgeous campus), I made myself remember that to have those moments, I must be present in my own life.  I looked into the trees, some of which are getting a tiny touch of fall, and paid attention to the colors.  I watched a black swan in the lake dip his head into the water, and bathe himself in the early morning light.  I examined the faces of several students as they passed by, deep in thought about something in their lives.  I watched a squirrel carrying a hunk of bread to the bushes, and squat over to munch his find. 

How present are you in your life?  Do you see the hummingbirds at the window?  Do you admire or study the pink sky as the sun slides into the west?  This a great challenge to me because I have SO MANY things to do.  But I want to be present in my life.

I am attempting to un-learn multi-tasking.  If I’m talking to someone, I truly force myself to be there with that person.  If I’m in the grocery, I try to look at the redness of the tomato and notice the thickness of its skin.  I try.  I will have to keep trying because remembering to have those moments and to be present does not come easy to me.  I’m a busy busy person, and the thoughts careen most days.  But I’m trying, and I will keep on.  I want to be present today.

Build those quadriceps!

I always knew that if I took care of my legs, they would take care of me.  Here’s the proof.  Want to avoid arthritic knees and the pain that comes with them?  Work on your thighs.  Lunges, weight machines, walking with weights – keep those thighs humming and burning, and you will add to your health as you glow older.

Love of tans fading?

With all the recent news about tanning beds and the danger, it would make sense that tans will become a thing of the past.  Or does it?  I think that those of us in living generations (18+ forward) will always want some kind of sun kissed glow.  I have been using a self tanner on my legs for most of the summer, and this particular one builds tan as you apply it daily.  That way, if I get to the point that I don’t want to become browner, I stop for a few days.  Here is an article espousing the self tanners.  Let me know if you have found a particular brand that works for you.  I’ve been using Jergens.

Smart Snacking

I am doing battle with that proverbial 10 lbs that wants to hang around.  Okay, its probably closer to 13, maybe even 15.  I will find out when I get closer to losing the first 10.  In that process, I am following the “never get hungry” diet, but I have found that even with grazing and eating 5-6 times a day, I feel hungry.  I think it is the protein that I need, so I will be trying the pita/celery and hummus.  Here are a few more ideas if you’re trying to snack smart.  Also, for any of you who haven’t tried writing down what you eat during the day (or don’t believe it will work), I’m here to tell you that the writing gods are working well.

Oh Yeah!!! They Myths about Menopause

For years, I have wondered why women are fretful and afraid of  menopouse.  In my case, I don’t know when or if it happened because of a partial hysterectomy in my early 40’s.  That was the greatest decision I could make for my health because after the womb was excised, the body felt so much better.  The flooding of my finally regular periods was draining me of life and energy, and within two weeks, I felt so much better that I decided to have a body part removed every year.  Reading the following article really puts the fears to rest – so  much can be psychological, and even more can be aided with a good diet and regular aerobic and weight training exercise.  Take a look, and see how positive our time of life truly is!