Countdown to Spain

The countdown is on.  I leave on Saturday around 6.  The shopping seems to never end.  What do I need?  What do I not need?  How much can I carry?  Will I sleep on the plane?  Will I then drool on myself (I usually do).

I received a journal from one son for mother’s day and a book about Santiago from the son who has done the walk.  With the actual mileage of each day’s walk.  Gulp.  Fortunately, my legs are the strongest part of me.  I will send my heavy luggage forward daily for delivery at each hotel.  This is surreal.  Getting through the end of the semester with all the grading of final exams and getting myself ready while still trying to sell our house.  This is nutty.

I’m sure it won’t be real to me until I get to the airport.  Then its on.  I’m so looking forward to the experience.  Yet I’m hesitant.  This will be a great experience.  I will do my best to embrace it daily and let the experience shape me in a way nothing has ever done before.

Monday afternoon.  Five days to go.  Whew.